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This training delves into the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, the Crown-Indigenous relationship and how that was formed plus invaluable hints, tips, and suggestions on building respectful and effective relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.

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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • How Bob Joseph got into this training

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • Scientific and Indigenous Perspectives

    • Wheels, Written Languages and Primitive Cultures

    • Nomadic, Farmers, or Fishers and Governance

    • Knowledge Check - Pre-Contact Nations

    • 1492: Arrival to the "New World"

    • The Royal Proclamation of October 1763

    • Knowledge Check - Arrival to the "New World"

  3. 3
    • The BNA and Indian Act

    • Chief Dr. Robert Josephs' First Day of Residential School

    • The Right to Vote

    • The Sixties Scoop

    • The White Paper

    • Knowledge Check - Nations to Wards

  4. 4
    • Constitution Act - Section 35

    • Knowledge Check - Constitution Act

    • Terminology Insight and Tips

    • Knowledge Check - Terminology

    • Delgamuukw Decision

  5. 5
    • Indigenous Peoples are all the same, right?

    • What Do Indigenous Peoples Want?

    • Myth: Indigenous Peoples Don't Pay Taxes

    • More Myths About Indigenous Peoples

    • Knowledge Check - Indigenous Peoples Then and Now

  6. 6
    • The Business Case for Working Effectively

    • Managing Risk Exposure

    • Increasing Reward Potential

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Business Case for Industrial Developers - Risk Management

    • Reward Enhancement for Industrial Developers

    • Strategies for Industrial Developers

    • Business Case for Governments Introduction

    • Risk Management for Governments

    • Reward Enhancements for Governments

    • Strategies for Governments

    • Knowledge Check - The Business Case

  7. 7
    • Aboriginal Consultation

    • Free, Prior and Informed Consent

    • What's the Difference Between Consultation and Engagement

    • The Risk Zone

    • Risk, Consultation and Accommodation Model

    • Knowledge Check - Aboriginal Consultation According to the Constitution

  8. 8
    • Risk Assessment 1

    • Risk Assessment 2

    • Risk Assessment 3

    • Understanding Consultation from a Regulatory Perspective

    • Section 35 of the Constitution Act

    • Private Land, Environmental Assessment and Consultation

    • Knowledge Check - Risk Assessment

  9. 9
    • Respect: A Path Towards Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples®

  10. 10
    • Research

  11. 11
    • Evaluate 1 - Timing and Death in the Community

    • You know what they say about assume...

    • Sacred Lands

    • Knowledge Check - Examine

  12. 12
    • Strategize

    • Cultural Survival

    • The Connectivity Principle, Urban vs. Rural Bands, and Your Timelines

    • Authority Figures and the Legacy of Residential Schools

    • Men and Women

    • Name Dropping

    • Knowledge Check - Strategize

  13. 13
    • Protocol on Traditional Territory

    • Virtual Land Acknowledgements

    • Pronounciations

    • Participating in Cultural Events

    • Eye Contact

    • Handshakes and Indigenous Peoples

    • Acronyms and Technical Terms

    • Colloquialisms

    • Oral Societies

    • Have they finished speaking?

    • Sense of Humour

    • Terms to Avoid

    • Concept of Family

    • Communal Thinking

    • Where are you from?

    • Knowledge Check - Present

  14. 14
    • Evaluate 2

    • Indigenous Community Communications

    • Knowledge Check - Evaluate

  15. 15
    • Customize

    • Knowledge Check - Customize

  16. 16
    • Transform

    • Knowledge Check - Transform

  17. 17
    • You're almost done!

    • Tell us what you think...

    • Thank You!

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

"This training was exactly what I was looking for. It addressed my training needs from a human and workplace perspective. I am now equipped with many tools to ensure that I have effective, respectful and worthwhile interactions with Indigenous communities in the future." - L.S.

Coast Mountain College

"Taking this course online is a great way to learn a lot of information at your pace. I've learned a lot to take with me when meeting with Indigenous communities." - A.D

CCEM Strategies

"An excellent introduction to Indigenous Peoples in Canada, their history, culture, and the communications styles. Time well spent." - B. F.

Fraser Basin Council

"Thank you for this crash course on Indigenous Peoples cultures in Canada, and the insights into Indigenous perspectives. While I was aware of some of the matters you discuss, it was reassuring to have what knowledge I have confirmed, and gratifying to have that knowledge expanded. The accompanying book will be very useful to use as reference. I look forward to further expanding my relationships with Indigenous friends and cultures – thank you! I would recommend this lovely course to others." - C.

University of British Columbia

"Very informative and thorough training module, it covered all concepts!" - R. N