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    1. Welcome!

    2. Before we begin...

    3. Agenda

    1. The Dictionary Definition

    2. What is Reconciliation - Murray Sinclair

    3. What is Reconciliation - Chief Dr. Robert Joseph

    4. More on What Reconciliation Is and What It Is Not

    1. The Indian Act

    2. Indian Residential Schools

    3. Chief Dr. Robert Josephs' First Day of Residential School

    4. Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    5. Culture Regeneration Research Society

    1. TRC Calls to Action #92: Business and Reconciliation

    2. A few implementation ideas for your consideration

    3. Exercise: Incorporating Reconciliation and the Calls to Action in your business or work

    1. Reconciliation Work In Progress

    2. Landmark new agreement lays out path for reconciliation with Lake Babine

    3. BCUC Reconciliation

    4. Huu-ay-aht First Nations and Mosaic Forest Management Reconciliation

    5. Flinders University Reconciliation Action Plan

    6. MacKillop Family Services

    7. Golder RAP

    8. Montreal Strategy

    9. Saskatoon Construction Company

    10. Aboriginal Flags Raised above Hunter Police Stations - Australia

    11. Exercise: Deputy Commissioner video comments

    1. Personal Exercise

    2. Tell us what you think...

    3. Take & Share the Pledge of Reconciliation

    4. Thank You!

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