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Are you ready to engage with an Indigenous community but aren't sure of where to start? Do you understand the differences between consultation and engagement?

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. A Message From Your Instructor

    3. Your Workbook For This Course

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Let's activate your prior knowledge!

    2. Exercise: Activating Prior Knowledge

    1. Briefly Describe the History of Indigenous Consultation

    2. Exercise: Briefly Describe the History of Indigenous Consultation

    3. History of Consultation

    4. Delgamuukw & Gisdayway

    5. Sparrow

    6. Indigenous Rights Title and the Duty to Consult

    7. Exercise: Brainstorm the legal principles that are guiding consultation efforts

    8. Legal Principles Guiding Consulation

    1. Exercise: What is the purpose or intent of consultation and/or engagement?

    2. The Purpose or Intent of Consultation & Engagement

    3. What Is The Difference Between Consultation & Engagement

    4. Exercise: The Difference Between Consultation & Engagement

    5. Consultation vs. Engagement

    6. Exercise: Brainstorm Techniques, Tools & Tactics to Strengthen Consultation/Engagement Efforts

    7. Ways to Strengthen Consultation & Engagement

    8. What is Accommodation?

    9. Accommodation Example: Fenced Off Area

    10. Accommodation Example: Underwater Pipeline

    1. Accommodation Process

    2. Exercise: Accommodation Process

    3. Discussion: Summary of Accommodation Process Exercise

    1. Exercise: Brainstorm Questions Asked in Consultation Work

    2. Discussion: Questions to Anticipate - Tips & Answers

    3. Indigenous Knowledge

    4. Exercise: Western Knowledge & Indigenous Knowledge

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