Bob Joseph began his career as an Indigenous Awareness Trainer 24 years ago.

Although Indigenous Awareness training has changed over the years, the goal remains the same: to design training that gives people a foundation of knowledge about the historical background of Indigenous relations in Canada. Without this critical foundation of knowledge and understanding, we cannot move forward with reconciliation.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Online Training Overview

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Scientific and Indigenous Perspectives

    2. Wheels, Written Languages and Primitive Cultures

    3. Nomadic, Farmers, or Fishers and Governance

    4. Knowledge Check - Pre-Contact Nations

    5. 1492: Arrival to the "New World"

    6. The Royal Proclamation of October 1763

    7. Knowledge Check - Arrival to the "New World"

    1. The BNA and Indian Act

    2. Chief Dr. Robert Josephs' First Day of Residential School

    3. The Right to Vote

    4. The Sixties Scoop

    5. The White Paper

    6. Knowledge Check - Nations to Wards

    1. Constitution Act: Section 35

    2. Knowledge Check - Constitution Act

    3. What's the Best Terminology?

    4. Knowledge Check - Terminology

    5. Delgamuukw Decision

    1. Indigenous Peoples are all the same, right?

    2. What Do Indigenous Peoples Want?

    3. 8 Key Issues Facing Indigenous Peoples

    4. Myth - Indigenous Peoples Don't Pay Taxes

    5. More Myths About Indigenous Peoples

    6. Knowledge Check - Indigenous Peoples Then and Now

    1. You're almost done. Tell us what you think...

    2. Thank You!

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CP Rail

"The oral, matter of fact delivery of this e-learning, along with the humour, varied types of visuals, fact-based information and reinforcement through quizzes is excellent." K. G.

Urban Systems

"I think every Canadian would benefit from a course like this. Especially the young generation for whom it should be a mandatory part of their school curriculum. I feel that courses such as these facilitate dialogue and may instill a more empathetic and understanding perspective on many of those whose views are shaped by anecdotal falsehoods instead of facts." C. L.


"The Indigenous Awareness Online Training course should be mandatory for every adult entering the workforce or taking post-secondary education. It's important we learn about the history of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, which is not taught nearly enough in school, and be able to share this knowledge with family, friends, and colleagues in order to have intelligent and compassion discussions regarding Indigenous Canadians. This course was very easy to digest and Bob Joseph is a great teacher." S. N.


"I took this training as someone entering a new job where I would be dealing a lot with Indigenous peoples and issues. It was a great introduction and I learned a lot of valuable information. I would definitely take another course from Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. in the future." L.


"This is a good introduction to Indigenous Awareness and should be required training for every Canadian." L.K.